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Storage and Quality

DEF Storage

The purity of DEF is crucial in order to ensure the efficient operation of SCR-equipped engines over time.

Because DEF is corrosive to aluminum and some metals, DEF storage containers and all materials that come into contact with the solution must be composed of either stainless steel or HDPE plastics. Storing DEF in non-approved containers will contaminate the solution and lead to long-term damage to your engine and the SCR system.

Temperature is an important consideration if DEF is being stored outside. DEF will freeze at -11 degrees Celcius however no quality issues will arise from the freezing and thawing process. MacEwen’s DEF experts can help you determine the most convenient and economical storage solution for your business. Contact Us today.

DEF Quality

With MacEwen DEF you are assured product quality from production to your truck’s tank. The leading truck manufacturers depend on MacEwen DEF,  certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) which means the product meets diesel engine manufacturer requirements.

Some DEF suppliers in Canada sell non-certified DEF, which means that no regulatory body is checking to determine whether the product is high quality and meets specifications. Over time, low quality DEF will damage your engine’s SCR system, leading to replacement which will cost you thousands of dollars per engine.

Always ask to ensure that your supplier’s DEF is API certified.

MacEwen DEF Spec Sheet