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Bulk DEF Delivery

Thanks to generations of experience supplying diesel, furnace oil and propane to our customers, MacEwen is an expert in bulk delivery. We are committed to providing the same superior service to our bulk DEF customers.

With bulk DEF, you will reduce your cost of supply and build a system that is ready to accommodate the growth and modernization of your fleet.

Custom Systems

Every fleet is different, so we custom design the bulk DEF storage system for your business. DEF-specific tanks are available in countless shapes and sizes depending on your space availability and volumes.

We also offer dispensing systems that make filling your DEF tank just as easy as filling your diesel tank.

Bulk DEF dispenser exterior  Bulk DEF dispenser interior


MacEwan Bulk DEF Delivery truckMacEwen will always be there when you need us.

We are the first company in Canada with a mass-flow DEF pumping meter that is approved by Measurement Canada. This demonstrates our total commitment to the DEF business.

Some companies are delivering DEF with non-approved metering systems. So how do you know that a litre is really a litre?

With two full-time dedicated bulk DEF delivery vehicles and distribution centres serving Ontario and Quebec, MacEwen will always be there when you need us. Contact Us today about upgrading to bulk DEF.